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What can Number Junkies do for me?

Support you! Be your bookkeeper. Train your bookkeeper. Find your bookkeeper. Develop processes for accounting-related information. Integrate systems. Get you into Cloud Accounting.  Make it so information from all areas of your business flow to your bookkeeper in a way that makes accounting in your business systematic, accurate and easy. The easiest thing to do in your business should be the bookkeeping!

How long have the Number Junkies been doing bookkeeping?

About 25 years. Number Junkies was incorporated in 2008 to serve clients by providing services, training and supporting their own bookkeepers, and by implementing processes so information flows to accounting in an effective and efficient manner.

Do you do work on-site?

We are a remote services company first.  If you require on-site services, we will do our best to accommodate you.

What size companies does Number Junkies support?

Most of our clients have 5 or less office employees and varying numbers of field personnel. We support solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, and small to mid-sized companies based on their volumes and needs.

What types of clients does Number Junkies have?

We have worked with clients from many different industries. Single operators (solopreneurs), entrepreneurs on the rise, and companies that employ 5 or less people working in the office are a good fit for our services.  Clients who choose Cloud Accounting, or want to convert to online solutions, is the focus of our organization.

How much will this cost?

Prices are dependant upon the type of services you require. When we talk, we complete a checklist with you to determine what state your books are in. Once we bring everything up to date, we will meet again to discuss what services are needed to take you and your bookkeeping to the next level. You can also complete the Pain Meter to see which package may be for you!

Do you do taxes?

We file periodic government forms, such as payroll remittances and sales tax, as required. We do not file corporate income tax returns or personal income tax returns since that is best done by your Certified Public Accountant.

Do you charge for travel time?

We provide remote services so no travel is required!

Are you a designated accountant?

No, we are senior-level bookkeepers who are strategically aligned with professional accountants in public practice. If you don’t have a professional accountant, we can refer you to one. We fill the gap between you and your designated accountant.

Do you install software?

We will guide you in accounting software selection.  If you have not chosen a software package, we will encourage you to look at online accounting solutions instead of traditional desktop software.

We’re a brand new company and don’t have software or anything set up, can you help us?

Yes, we can recommend software based on your needs.

Do you do year ends?

Yes, we fully prepare year ends and work closely with your CPA to meet your filing deadlines.

Do you do collection calls?

We believe Accounts Receivable is extremely important. We will assist you in the collection of past-due accounts and create processes that reduce the need for collections.

Do you customize reports?

Yes. Most accounting software packages have good reports that should meet your needs. If you have specific reporting requirements that are not available in the software, we will customize them for you.

What are your hours?

We typically work regular business hours Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.  We are flexible when called upon to meet very tight deadlines.

Is my information secure?

If you rely on your own equipment to store your accounting data, the security of that data is your responsibility.  If you use online solutions, use companies that state their security policies right up front so you know what they are doing to protect your data.

Do you have references?

We have listed their testimonials for your convenience. If you still need references after reading what our clients say about us, then we can provide you the most relevant client to call.

What is a number junkie anyway?

A number junkie is someone who loves working with numbers for accounting purposes. They have a natural ability to understand accounting concepts. Usually number junkies have taken accounting classes, have worked in accounting positions within private companies, and some but not all, will pursue an accounting designation. The company, Number Junkies, provides services to clients who employ their own number junkie or want to contract us to take care of their accounting needs.

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