number junkies

It takes business savvy to run a successful restaurant.

That’s one of the reasons we enjoy working with restaurant owners like you.

You know how to make money in your business.  We know how to track it.

What you can expect from your bookkeeper after being trained by Number Junkies:

  • Consistent, easy-to-read financial reports
  • Operations Reports, giving operators what they want and accountants what they need
  • Custom financial statements with cost percentage of sales by category
  • Breakout of promotional costs
  • Renovation cost tracking
  • Special event tracking
  • Reconciliation of bank accounts, ATMs, VLTs and credit cards
  • Reconciliation of accounting transactions to point-of-sale system
  • Forecasting and budgeting
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  • Anything else you need?  Just ask.

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number junkies
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