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Number Junkies: Super efficient number nerds on your side.

Number Junkies across the Border

Number Junkies was formed in 2008 to provide straight-forward, bottom-line results accounting, bookkeeping and consulting services.  We serve organizations doing business within Canada, the United States, or both.

Our services fit the needs of solopreneurs, entrepreneurs on the rise, and small to mid-size companies employing office and field personnel.

We provide basic bookkeeping services through full-cycle accounting for complex processes.  Consulting services encompass needs analysis, integration of 3rd party software with accounting systems, full implementation of new systems, and training key employees.

Ready to get started?  Great!  Here are the 3 Steps:

Step 1.  Our phone number is 1-832-805-8500.  If you know what you need, call us (we really answer the phone).

Step 2.  If you are not sure where to begin, submit your Pain Meter.  We will call you (we hope you answer the phone).

Step 3.  Bottom line: we talk.  And, when we agree to work together, we’ll provide more steps along the way.

Pretty straight-forward, right?  That’s us — straight-forward, bottom-line results.

Review our Services, check out our Processes, read our Testimonials, take our Pain Meter and Contact us

If you want to work with a digit-crazy, highly accurate, super efficient number nerd on your side (and really, who wouldn’t ?), then Contact Number Junkies

number junkies
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