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Our process is pain-free.

It starts with some simple questions.

Are your invoices difficult and time-consuming to prepare? Are they going out late? Do your financial reports look wrong? Maybe you can’t be sure how much profit you made on the last sale?  Are you unsure about the amount of tax being remitted to the government? Is it taking a really long time to complete your year-end? Is it hard to get good information out of your accounting software? Are you seeing a high turnover in your accounting or other departments? Do you have accounts receivable in the 90-day column?

And the all-important question: Is your cash flow suffering?

We have answers to all of these questions. Simply complete our diagnostic Pain Meter. Or, fill out the Contact us form. You can even call us (yes, we really answer the phone) at 1-832-805-8500.

The results of your Pain Meter will be immediately displayed to you on our website. At the same time, we’ll send you an email so you have our direct contact information. And we will follow up to confirm the type of services you’re looking for.

Once we confirm the type of services you need, we’ll schedule a brief no-charge meeting with you.  The last step is contracting us to do the work!

Identify problem. Call us. Fix problem. What could be easier?

number junkies
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